#NoBuyJuly, Reading Slump, and More

I am on a book buying ban! Look at this! This is only one of my two bookshelves crammed with mostly to-be-reads. My system goes a little like this:

1. Buy ten books every time I go into the bookstore.
2. Read one of them.
3. It wasn't that good, so I take it to trade back in at the bookstore.
4. I leave with ten more books.

Do we see how this monstrosity of a shelf has happened? I hardly ever keep books after I read them unless they are amazing. I take them back to the bookstore so they can aid my addiction with trade credit.

Because of this, I will be spending my whole month of July actually reading some of this pile instead of buying more! So if there are any words of encouragement that you guys could throw my way, I would be very appreciative! Let me know if you've tried a book buying ban or what works most effectively for you to control your urges. So #NoBuyJuly has begun!

It's a good thing too, because I'm feeling like I'm entering the dreaded reading slump. I've spent more than half of my time in the past month exclusively reading. I believe it is starting to burn me out. And how can I read when I have this beautiful little fuzzball begging for cuddles? I just can't. Hopefully that improves soon since I can't stop reading or my massive TBR might suffocate me.

Help me! I need guidance from somewhere. I'll take anything at this point!

💜  Crystal