TBR Mania and a Giveaway!

How long is too long for a book to sit on my shelf unread before I get rid of it? My dilemma: I'm moving (most likely) cross-country after two more years. At this point, I'm thinking about the massive amount of books to be hauled in a move that huge. Therefore, I have resolved to condense, condense, condense. I've been doing a lot better lately: participating in readathons to dwindle the stack, book buying bans, and reading all the time. However, it seems like the stack isn't going away. I may occasionally buy a stack of books but I'm reading much more than I'm buying, right? It sure doesn't seem like it. My two shelves are stacked to the brim.

I know many readers' answer to this problem would be to buy more shelves and don't worry about it. I'm really trying to stop being such a book hoarder though! I can borrow library books, physical and ebooks, rather than buying copies that sit on my shelves for a year or two before I read them. Help! I'm buried in my TBR and can't get out! My ideal situation would be to have one bookshelf that isn't totally packed full and I'd like to think this is a realistic goal for me.

To help me achieve this goal, I'll be hosting some giveaways! Find me on Litsy @collegecatlady to find out how you can win the books pictured here!

💜  Crystal